Friday, March 9, 2012


I really had enough!!! Words turned into deaf ears! Non stop nagging! Non stop punishing! Non stop shouting! Through hard and soft approach doesn't works!!! Washing my hands off her work! I'm really really really tired in trying to get her working...cos to get her to work, she got to be pushed!!! And to be pushed, the cycle of punishment will continues...

Already told her inifintive times and explained to her not to go the sandpit and my final warning is: if she goes, her hair will be snipped! SNIP OFF her hair today due to the sand pit!

She hates me! She sterns at me! She shouts at me! These are the responses I received resulted from all above treatments! Why should I deserve these treatments? Why should I strained my relationship with her with all these wicked moves? I have become a witch! I hate myself doing all these too! I'm so tired of these nagging, punishing, shouting, etc...and my heart is so pain...


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